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    Questioning Authority

    required to participate in monthly inspections. Fleming, who conducted his experiments in an unconventional and disorganized fashion, left Petri dishes of agar medium uncovered throughout his laboratory. He doubted the validity of the authorities’ claims that clean labs made for more discoveries, and ended up being correct. It was in one of Fleming’s uncovered Petri dishes that a spore of penicillin grew, and killed the bacteria inside the dish. Fleming’s rebellion against authority has come to benefit

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    Genetic Recombination

    wild-black types of the fungus, Sordaria fimicola from a Petri dish. In order to obtain it, we needed to make sure that all out utensils were sterile. We took sterile blank Petri dish and labeled it. We sectioned the Petri dish into four sections, and labeled each type alternating. Then we took a spatula, sterilized in ethanol and heated in a flame, and obtained the mutant-tan strain and placed 2 squares opposite to each other into the sterile Petri dish. We did not lift the lids completely off and we

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    Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial Efficacy of Aratiles Leaves (Muntingia Calabura Linn) Against Staphylococcus Aureaus

    test organism was placed onto base agar and solidify. All of petri dishes contain tap agar with test organisms, label the dishes from 1-3 correspondingly. After a while, using a laboratory tweezers, place 7 cap cylinders in the circular manner following the label indicated. Place in the incubator, incubated at 37 centigrade overnight Table 1 Zone of Inhibition exhibited by Aratilis leaves against Staphylococcus aureaus 25923 on Petri dish 1 | Sample | Zone of Inhibition (diameter in mm) |

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    Walmart Item Finder Application

    wastes network bandwidth during replication. One GC server per domain in each physical location is sufficient. Windows NT sets servers as GCs as necessary, so you don’t need to configure additional GCs unless you notice slow query response times.” (Petri, 2009) Although bandwidth is an issue with all companies who are networked, this one additional GDC should not cause any issues. Fast Paced Financial has a very intricate network that is across the globe. They have run into networking issues, authentication

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    Mechanism in Hiring of Employees

    diagnostics and therapeutics that counteract those genes." Stem cell scientists identify key regulator controlling formation of blood-forming stem cells Stem cell scientists have moved one step closer to producing blood-forming stem cells in a Petri dish by identifying a key regulator controlling their formation in the early embryo, shows research published online today in Cell. The work was reported by Dr. Gordon Keller, Director of the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, and Senior Scientist

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    Fast Plants

    These materials are: seeds of specific phenotypes, seed-collecting pan, small envelopes, several wicks, opaque tape, Styrofoam quads, fluorescent light bank, water reservoir, water, water dropper, potting soil mix, fertilized pellets watering tray, petri dish w/ filter paper, and a paint brush. Methods Start by pulling out a four-celled Styrofoam quad, using the opaque tape labeling the quad with the name of the group, the date, and plant name Brassica rapa. Add potting soil to each celled quad

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    Mung Bean Respiration Lab

    added in case some beans aren’t healthy looking enough. III. Materials 1. 1 pipette 2. 25 petri dishes 3. 100 ml of 10% glucose solution 4. 1 bottle of distilled water 5. 160 mung beans 6. Cotton balls 7. 100 ml graduated cylinder (± 1 ml) 8. 10 ml graduated cylinder (± 0.5 ml) 9. Thin masking tape 10. Sharpie 11. 30 cm ruler (± 0.5 mm) IV. Procedure 1. Lay out all 25 petri dishes. Rip the cotton balls into small pieces so that the cotton is less compact than before. This

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    Cloud Computing Risks

    limits” (Petri, 2010). There are various definitions of cloud computing however the most appropriate and broadly accepted definition is being provided by North America National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). According to NIST, “Cloud Computing is a model for enabling convenient, on demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort to service provider interaction” (Petri, 2010).

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    Potato Osmolarity

    Methods & Materials: For experiment A you will need the following items: 1 large potato tuber  Forceps petri dish razor blade DI water metric ruler 7 250 mL beakers/ or disposable cups   balance that weighs to the nearest 0.01g   sucrose solutions from 0.1M to 0.7M    cork borer    paper towels    calculator For experiment B you will need the following items: 1 large potato tuber  Forceps petri dish razor blade DI water metric ruler 7 250 mL beakers/ or disposable cups  Vernier caliper   sucrose solutions from 0

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    have been an effective disinfectant for many years used as a treatment for bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and nails (American Cancer Society 2008). Micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi can be found in a variety of places. Using petri dishes containing nutrient agar, bacteria and fungi can be grown and observed. ‘Agar is a seaweed extract that forms a jelly-like material that is also a source of food for these organisms. Bacteria grow into colonies made up of millions of individuals

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    Impact of Aspergillus Flavus on Groundnut

    to study the impact of Aspergillus flavus on groundnut seeds was conducted in the laboratory using the blotter method. Groundnut seeds sample from Mutsamba were provided and four petri dishes were prepared containing each ten seeds placed on two to three sheets of wet (but not dripping with water) blotter papers. The petri dishes were incubated in the laboratory for two weeks. The results had shown that Aspergillus flavus was the seed borne fungi detected affecting the germination of seeds with 23

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    Growth of Microorganisms

    Growth of Microorganisms Culturing is the growing of micro-organisms in prepared media in the laboratory. The prepared medium is called the ‘culture medium’. Bacteria, fungi and algae grow easily in test-tubes, flasks or Petri dishes of culture media. Virus on the other hand, can only grow and multiply inside living cells, so they cannot be grown in a culture medium. Micro-organisms are able to increase in size and multiply in number of cells. The growth of micro-organisms is measured based on

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    available for MS Windows, Solaris, Linux and some other operating systems. MySQL is widely used among individual students and larger Organizations due to the following reasons.   MYSQL is almost free of cost; it is much less expensive than Oracle (Petri, 2005). Each and every individual student can set up MySQL locally on their own computer system.   It is really simple to use Shell in order to query tables, create tables etc. MySQL is simple to use with Java JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

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    Phl 458- Scientific Discovery Paper (Pencillin)

    scarlet fever, from infections of the bones, throat, stomach or, brain. Many of us would not be here today had it not been for the discovery of penicillin. In 1928, Alexander Fleming made a chance discovery from an already discarded, contaminated Petri dish. The mold that had contaminated the experiment turned out to contain powerful antibiotic, penicillin. However, though Fleming was credited with the discovery, it was over a decade before someone else turned penicillin into the miracle drug for

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    Mtech Thesis

    emulsion blended with pigment are prepared beforehand. Now after mixing a drop of it is let fall on a petri dish filled with deionised water by a syringe. The pattern expands on the water surface and gets arranged randomly with unsystematic void spaces which are shown in images further in this report. This certain arrangement of pattern is due to forces acting on the surface of water on the petri dish. Now this pattern is to be arranged in a particular fashion preferably hexagonal, which can be done

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    Lab Safety Against Pathogenic Bacteria

    growing or grown bacteria in the lab. With the lab materials being washed down before and after use in the lab it can assure that all bacteria coming into the lab and all ones in the lab do not leave and cannot spread. The petri dish lab where microorganisms are placed in a petri dish and left alone for a week to see growth is a perfect example on how bacteria reproduce rapidly. Bacteria can reproduce and spread almost effortlessly which is why in laboratory they are contained from students for their

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    In What Way Has Science and Technology Advanced Medicine Since 1750 (12 Marks)

    technology advanced medicine since 1750 was the development of penicillin. In 1928, Alexander Fleming whilst studying influenza noticed that mold had developed accidently and completely by chance on a set of culture petri dishes used to grow staphylococci germ. The mold on the petri dishes created a bacteria free circle around itself. He then experimented further and made the mold into some sort of medicine and named the substance penicillin. Fleming wrote down his discovery and published it. However

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    Lab Report: Cellular Respiration

    spinach leaves, cork borer, petri dishes, water, plastic tubing, water aspirate, NaHCO3 Procedure: 1. Attach the lamp to the support stand so that the lamp is approximately 25 cm from the base of the stand. 2. Fill a large beaker with cold water to act as a heat filter for the dish you will place under the lamp. The lamps produce a lot of heat, which can affect the rate of photosynthesis. Set the beaker aside for the moment. 3. Pour 0.2% NaHCO3 solution into three petri dishes so they are about

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    Microbial Growth

    three-day period. All turkey samples were in a zip locked bag, the 24 and 72 hour samples were left out at room temperature; the control remained refrigerated. All samples were inoculated into agar deeps, then into petri dishes to create a series of dilutions. We observed growth on all three Petri Dishes with the control having the least and 72-hour containing the most. This shows that although the turkey meat was sealed, microbial growth increases over time while left out at room temperature. This is important

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    Comparison between MPN and E coli Petri film: The use of E.coli petrifilm seems more reliable than MPN since the value of MPN is less than E.coli petrifilm in the same group. It showed that MPN method was underestimated the total coliform and E.coli numbers. The Most Probable Number test methods described in this Practical provide guidelines for detection and enumeration of bacteria of food and water origin. Then we can prevent food borne infections and diseases occurring more commonly. Disadvantages

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    Availability and Energy Consumption Analysis of Mobile Cloud Environments

    means of performing availability and reliability studies for a large variety of systems. There are various model types which may be used for analytical evaluation of reliability and availability. Reliability block diagrams, fault trees, stochastic Petri nets and Markov chains have been used to model fault-tolerant systems and to evaluate various dependability measures. These model types differ from one to another not only in the ease of use for a particular application but in terms of modeling power

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    bottom left of the LabQuest to collect the data for conductivity. Directions for Fecal Coliform Test: 1. Obtain one coated Petri dish and one vial of coliscan easygel liquid media from your TA. Keep the Petri dish closed! 2. Using a sharpie write your lab day and time, your group number, the date and the sample location (Library Pond) on the TOP of the Petri dish around the edge (see the diagram on the blackboard). 3. Using a pipet and pipet pump (your TA will demonstrate how to use

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    Introduction to Decision Making Methods János Fülöp Laboratory of Operations Research and Decision Systems, Computer and Automation Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1. Decision Making Process “Decision making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker. Making a decision implies that there are alternative choices to be considered, and in such a case we want not only to identify as many of these alternatives as possible

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    METHOD For each individual temperature provided were two square plastic Petri dishes. Each Petri dish was covered with a bottom layer of white “Kimpak” and a top layer of blue indented filter paper. For each temperature of 4, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40⁰C, 20 seeds of barley and 20 seeds of maize were collected. The seeds were then placed and evenly spaced on the indentations of the blue filter paper. The lid of the Petri dish was then replaced and then labeled with a designated temperature. This

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    Seed Germination

    A. Effect of Light Four petri dishes were obtained from the lab. Two of the petri dishes were labelled as water + light (LS) and water + dark (LS). The other two petri dishes were labelled as water + light (GB) and water + dark (GB). Moistened filter paper was placed to each of the petri dish following by moistened cotton wool. Fifty lettuce seeds and fifty green beans were quickly placed on the moisten wool labelled LS and GB respectively. The lid of the petri dish were closed and kept under

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    Osi Seven Layer Model

    hosts. This layer also establishes, maintains and ends sessions across the network. This layer The Session layer defines how data conversations are started, controlled, and finished. Examples would include DECnet SCP, NetBIOS names, RPC, and SQL (Petri, 2009). Presentation Layer is layer six of the OSI model and manages the syntax and semantics of the data transmission. Examples of presentation layer include common data representation formats, conversion of character representation formats, common

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    different biocontrol agents were used, one of which was Beauveria bassiana. Two experiments were done with Beauveria bassiana, one with nymphs and one with adults [Boyd]. Spores of Beauveria bassiana were introduced to petri dishes. For the nymphs, three were placed in each petri dish and ten dishes were prepared for a total of 30 individuals. For the adults, five were placed in each dish and ten dishes were also prepared for a total of 50. They were then monitored for four days and the amount still

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    Uv Lab Report

    and a tinted moisturizer also produced by Mary Kay with an SPF of 20. We were given five petri dishes with nutritional agar that were used to test the correlation between SPF product and yeast strain, as well as sanitized cotton swabs used to smear the yeast. A cardboard plank was given to monitor the spray zone for the sport spray sun-block, clingwrap, and a deep dish pan was provided to transport the petri dishes in and out of the suns penetration. Methods: Upon the start of the lab, we

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    Taxol’s Effect on Rates of Tip Growth and Nuclei Position in Neurospora Crassa

    to sterilize it. Forceps and hand gloves are also sterile it with ethanol. A Petri dish was prepared with 4 sterilized slides inside, and it was covered with a lid. 2-3 pieces of sterile filter paper were placed in Petri dish alongside the slides. Then using plastic pipette, 4-5 drops of distilled water was added on each of filter papers. Moreover, agar cushions were prepared using incubated hot agar, placed on petri dish in circular motion using sterilized Pasteur pipettes. 2 agar gels were made

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    Microbiology Task 11 Disease Transmission

    and differences in the types of microbes you observed. Each dish varied a little in the types of microbes they had. This is because different microbes grow best in different environments. For e.g. the stream water and soil petri dishes had way more colonies than the air petri dish. This is due to different forms of organisms that live in them. Air had few colonies but they were larger and spread out, the water and soil both had clusters of microbes, but the soil's colonies were much smaller. What

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    Lab Paper

    Materials and Methods 1. The materials used in this experiment are: Baker’s yeast, warm water, beaker, sterile Petri dishes (with PDA or YPD medium), disposable loop, warm water (for diluting – optional), Incubator, Lab coat or apron, gloves. 2. Prepare the yeast broth by dissolving 1g of Baker’s yeast in 50 mL of warm water in a beaker. Prepare the culture media and pour it into the four Petri dishes. Allow the dishes to cool and solidify at room temperature. Store the plates, upside down, in a refrigerator

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    Lab Isolation

    hot water (50°C) for use in Part II. 4. Use the marking pencil to label the bottom of one Petri dish S. epidermidis. Pour one half (9mL) of the contents of a tube of nutrient agar into the S. epidermidis Petri dish and the other half into the bottom of an unmarked Petri dish. Cover the dishes and allow them to solidify for use in Part IV. 5. Pour the remaining melted nutrient agar into the unmarked Petri dishes (half a tube per dish). Cover the dishes and allow them to solidify for use in Part

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    Growing Radish with Glucose

    Eight Petri dishes were used in this experiment that held twenty radishes in each. These radishes were watered daily with glucose over the course of seven days. Three different concentrations of glucose were used with one solution being deionized water, which was used as our control. There were two sets of 1%, 2%, and 3.5% concentrations that were poured on the Petri dishes. Two sets of the same concentrations were used to assure us that the radish would germinate at the same speed in both Petri dishes

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    Schematic Evaluation of Internal Accounting Control System

    REPRESENTATIONAL FORMALISMS - PETRI NETS............................................................. 40 3.2.1 GENERAL PETRI NETS ................... 40 3.2.2 PREDICATE / TRANSITION NETS ....... 43 3.2.3 ADVANTAGES OF PETRI NET MODELING ........................................... 47 i 3.3 FORMAL MODELING OF INTERNAL ACCOUNTING CONTROL SYSTEMS.................... 50 3.3.1 INTERNAL CONTROL INTERPRETATION OF PETRI NETS ..................................... 50 3.3.2 PETRI NET MODELING OF ACCOUNTING

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    Homemade Petri Plates Commercial microbial media are really best for growing microorganisms. They provide the right nutrients that allow good growth. However, if a commercial agar medium is too expensive, you can prepare homemade gelatin plates that will allow many fungi and some bacteria to grow. This homemade medium can be poured into sterile disposable petri plates or, if those are too expensive, can be poured into foil muffin cup liners that can be stored in plastic sandwich bags. Materials

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    Mystery Organism

    The mystery organism was inserted onto the petri dish on February 10, 2015 and took approximately 2 months to development and become visible without the use of a microscope. In the first observation, striations were visible on the brown, rounded seed/spore like organism under 10x magnification. In the second observation, green pigments were visible on the organism and clear, root/hair like structures were visible under 10x magnification. The spores have germinated and has begun to develop into

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    Two River Wastewater Treatment Project

    10°; CR1 10ˉ¹; CR1 10ˉ²; CR1 dud 10°; CR1 dud 10ˉ¹; CR1 dud 10ˉ²; CR2 10°; CR2 10ˉ¹; CR2 10ˉ²; CR2 dud 10°; CR2 dud 10ˉ¹; CR2 dud 10ˉ². Twelve petri dishes were labeled with the following: : CR1 10°; CR1 10ˉ¹; CR1 10ˉ²; CR1 dud 10°; CR1 dud 10ˉ¹; CR1 dud 10ˉ²; CR2 10°; CR2 10ˉ¹; CR2 10ˉ²; CR2 dud 10°; CR2 dud 10ˉ¹; CR2 dud 10ˉ² and all was dated. All the petri dishes were poured with agar mixed with cycloheximide. Serial Dilation of wastewater Samples 900 mL of PBS solution was pipetted into each

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    The Allelopathic Effects of Juglone Containing Nuts

    insoluble material. 2g of nut powder was placed into the corresponding small petri dishes for that nut, on top of 3 wet paper towels, and covered with one wet paper towel. 4g of nut powder was placed into large petri dishes, again on top of 3 wet paper towels, and covered by one paper towel. 4.5ml of each nut solution was pipetted into the small petri dishes and 7ml of each nut solution was pipetted into the large petri dishes. For the controls, 4.5ml or 7ml of water was used instead of nut solution

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    Lesson Plan

    magnifiers, petri dishes, freeze dried ants, tweezers, plastic human bones, pencils, and a science notebook. ADVANCED PREPARATIONS: 1. Go to a pet store to buy a container of freeze dried ants. 2. Bring in Scholastic’s The Human Body by Steve Setford, and National Geographic Kids Ultimate Bug-opedia by Darlyne Murawski and Nancy Honovich. 3. Go to a teacher supply store, or if close to October any retail store, to buy a few plastic human bones. 4. Place a few ants in the petri dishes. 5

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    Bean Beetles Competition Lab

    Bean Beatle Competition Lab RESULTS: In the two control petri dish that consisted of 20 beans with eggs previously on them, the females laid two to three eggs. In the two control petri dish that consisted of 20 beans without eggs previously on them, the females laid to 2 to 6 eggs. The average number of eggs laid on the eggs that already had eggs on them was 1.25 eggs and the standard error was 0.5522. The average number of eggs laid on the eggs that did not already have eggs on them was

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    Live Cell Exposure System

    constant biological gas supply. This feature allows researchers to perform protein experiments which require cold temperature. nanoT - VaryCellTM can accommodate 35 mm petri dish with compartments (figure 4) to perform simultaneous time lapse imaging for more than 1 condition. Figure 4: nanoT - VaryCellTM can accommodate 35 mm petri dish with 2, 3, and 4 compartment. Specifications of nanoT - VaryCellTM Temperature: -15 °C to 50 °C Biological gas flow connections: Yes Temperature

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    were added to a thermocycler. The thermocycler’s role is to provide strict control over the reaction temperature and duration of exposure to each distinct temperature, this ensures the amplification process.  We also poured the prepared LB agar into petri dishes to be stored in the fridge as well as leaving our LB media in its container at our lab benches until further use for the upcoming weeks in lab.           For this past week in lab transformation was carried out. The first thing we did was to

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    Alat yang digunakan pada praktikum ini adalah cawan petri, bunsen, enkas, ikubator, ose dan mikropipet. III.2 Bahan Bahan yang dipergunakan pada percobaan ini adalah Biakan Escherichia coli, Biakan Staphylococcus aureus, biakan Lactobacillus, Larutan tanah, medium nutrient agar padat, aquadest, spiritus, alkohol, swab dan korek api III.3 Cara Kerja Adapun cara kerja dari percobaan ini adalah : 1. Isolasi mikroba di sekitar kita - Cawan petri yang berisi medium NA diberi label masing- masing sesuai

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    Osi and Tcp

    applications (Petri, 2009). Presentation Layer The Presentation Layer is number six of the OSI model, and it responds to the service requests of the application layer and sends requests to the session layer. Specific functions of the presentation layer are as follows: • Translates data from applications into local machine formats the computer can understand and vice-versa for the end-user. • Communicates with the applications layer. • Communicates with the session layer (Petri, 2009)

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    Gene Transfer Lab Outline

    a. allows recovery of cells before exposing to antibiotic B. Preparation of petri dishes 1. Labeled 4 petri dishes A, B, C, & D a. Plates A & B contain LB agar b. Plates C & D contain LB agar plus ampicillin c. 100 micro-liters from tube #1 onto plates A & C d. 100 micro-liters from test tube #2 onto plates B & C 2. Separate sterile glass bead placed in each petri dish a. Rolls around and spread cells equally throughout 3. All plates incubated

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    Crytographic Tunneling

    the desired destination (Tunneling, 2011). The Opened Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model is a great example of tunneling. The OSI model is divided into seven layers and each layer provides a different task. The below chart is the OSI model (Petri, 2009). In the above chart data is transmitted and received. The user creates the data and now the user wants to send the data to another user or the desired destination. The data has to go through fourteen steps in order to reach its destination

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    Fusarium and to successfully culture them together on one Petri dish to find out the how well Trichoderma will control the pathogens at different temperatures. The pathogen will be isolated from the diseased plant parts and incubated to grow separately. The fungus will then be incubated with Trichoderma and their growth measured. At the end of the experiment, it is expected that the phytopathogen will not grow in the region on the Petri dish where Trichoderma is growing. It is also expected that

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    Biology Achieved 3.1

    the slaters and their responses Equipment: * 3 Petri Dishes * Craft Knife * Masking Tape * Blu-Tac * Silica Gel Packets * Cotton Wool * 15 Slaters * Stopwatch/Timing Device * Pen & Paper Final Method: (Experiment conducted in a room with constant light source and temperature) 1. Get 3 Petri Dishes, cut 2 holes in one and 1 hole in the others, make the hole about 1cm wide 2. 3 2 1 Tape Petri dishes together, aligning the holes so that you end

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    the new up and coming IPv6. We will use many sources to confirm and relate the information as needed. Global Name Zones provide the user to have static records. It does not support dynamic updates (Petri 2009), and it was to aid the old WINS system that has been around since Windows NT. (Petri 2009) It is more commonly referred as the GNZ in the IT world of acronyms. If the records are not maintained by IT administrators it is not worth having them be GNZ’s. It helps you communicate with trusted

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    Great Inventions

    grown in the appropriate substrate, it would release a substance with antibiotic properties. Fleming admitted his discovery of penicillin was an accident. (he accidentally left a Petri dish open) Black and white image of Alexander Fleming in his laboratory. Fleming accidentally discovered penicillin when he left a petri dish open over night. 9. Cotton Gin The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1793 and revolutionised the cotton industry in the United States. The machine quickly and easily

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