P5 Explain How And Why Groups

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    How to Explain Color Red to a Blind Person?

    Can blind people see in their minds? How do they dream like? Do they know what colors are? How in general do they percept world with their eyes never opened since they were born? Those are some of many questions that we may possibly ask a blind person. Can we explain them what color red is? We’ve all seen what it is like. To explain it we have to “turn on a different mode” in our heads. We do not only see colors. Like this red dress, black cat, hazel eyes. When we close eyes and think about color

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    Explain Why Police Have Lots of Discretion with Juveniles

    Explain why police have lots of discretion with juveniles? give examples! Introduction In recent years there has been growing concern about the incidence and seriousness of juvenile offending. This concern has not been unwarranted. Statistics gathered for the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice indicated a significant increase in the number of juvenile arrests, from year to year, during the late 1980’s and throughout the early 1990’s. One snapshot, in 1996, revealed that the number of juvenile arrests

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    Explaining How and Why Fraud Invalidates a Contract.

    Business I. Explaining how and why fraud invalidates a contract. A. There are certain grounds under which a compromise and settlement agreement can be invalidated. If a settlement agreement fails to establish certain elements like offer, acceptance and consideration, it can be invalidated.  Similarly, a settlement agreement can be invalidated due to: * Fraud * Nondisclosure as fraud * Duress * Illegality * Mistake * Undue influence A compromise induced by fraud

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    Explain Why Britain Signed the Anglo-Germany Agreement

    Explain why Britain signed the anglo-Germany trade agreement One immediate reason for why Britain signed the naval treaty as it served as a warning to France against the pursuit of blatant policies of encirclement aimed at Germany made evident after signing the franco-russian treaty of mutual assistance in1935 , . Britain feared that these policies would encourage rather than avert war. And so signed the anglo-german trade treaty as a way of maintaining and – Germany. Moreover, a key reason

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    Explain How Culture and Socialisation Interact in a Sociological Context

    Explain how culture and socialisation interact in a sociological context? Culture is our knowledge we gain from birth as a result of our immersement into our cultural group. Socialisation is the way in which we learn this information we gain from such contact. When we look at the two ‘Culture and Socialisation’ and study how this interaction occurs, what is gained, changed, modified, etc we are defining the interaction of culture and socialisation and how they react to each other we are using ‘Sociology’

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    Explain How Internet Faxing Works and Why It Is Often Preferred to Using Traditional Fax Machines.

    Question 3 II. Explain how Internet faxing works and why it is often preferred to using traditional fax machines. (10 marks) INTERNET FAXING Internet Faxing or e-Fax is the process of sending and receiving facsimiles through the Internet rather than using modems or fax machines and traditional phone lines. The process involves the conversion of documents from their hard copy format to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) and combined with the body of an e-mail

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    Seo, What, How, and Why

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) What?, How?, Why? In order to attempt to answer these questions, we have to answer "What is the Internet?" The Internet, World Wide Web, or just simply the Web or the Net is a network of mainframe computers with massive data storage capacity. Each website (uniquely addressable entity) contains a collection of screens (pages) that consists of one (1) to literally thousands (1,000's) of pages of information. A page is a presentation of information that does not require

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    How to Conduct a Focus Group

    Guidelines for Conducting a Focus Group Surveys assume that people know how they feel. But sometimes they really don’t. Sometimes it takes listening to the opinions of others in a small and safe group setting before they form thoughts and opinions. Focus groups are well suited for those situations. Focus groups can reveal a wealth of detailed information and deep insight. When well executed, a focus group creates an accepting environment that puts participants at ease allowing then to thoughtfully

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    Explain How to Identify the Target Market

    Shannon Molyneux Unit 36 P2 - Explain how to identify the target market My Idea I am creating my own business, I have decided to open my own clothes store often known as a ‘boutique’ my store will be known as ‘dizzy boutique’ my business will be located in the small village Burscough. I have decided to locate my business in Burscough because there are none like this in the area. I have decided to do this business as fashion is my interest. Brief I need to identify the level of demand for

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    Explain Why Some Groups of People Within a Country Have a Lower Level of Development Than Other

    Using Figure 4 and your own knowledge, explain why some groups of people within a country have a lower level of development than others. (10) Figure 4 shows that rural areas, especially in the North West are less prosperous and less developed. This is shown by the high score of 55% in poverty in rural areas compared to the urban rate of 40% and national rate of 50%. In the capital city, Dhaka, the poverty rate is almost half the rural poverty rate at 28%, and the regions close to Dhaka also have

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    : Explain How Culture and Socialisation Interact in a Sociological Context.

    AEDT Monday 2 December (Week 5) Weighting: 20% Assessment details Write a 1000-word essay on one of the following topics: TOPIC 1: Which is more important in shaping individual identity: social structure or social interaction? TOPIC 2: Explain how culture and socialisation interact in a sociological context. In your essay you should: • • • • • Demonstrate your understanding of themes covered so far in this unit. Use the three texts listed in the resources box (right) to answer your selected

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    Explain Briefly How Macroeconomics Is Different from Microeconomics. How Can Macroeconomists Use Microeconomic Theory to Guide Them in Their Work, and Why Might the Wish to Do so? Please Give Examples.

    of choice, it is talking about how individuals and societies make a choice from the scarcity. All economic choices can be summarized in three questions: What gets produced? How is it produced? Who gets what is produces? Economists define their work in micro and macro perspective. Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are the two major branches of economics. What is Microeconomics? Microeconomics is the study of how households and firms make decisions and how they interact in markets. So

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    How Can We Explain Conformity?

    How can we explain conformity? Draw on at least two examples Scott and Marshall (2005) explain conformity with people’s attempts on complying with other’s norms and rules in order to fulfill their expectations. But is it really that simple? Conformity is one of these terms in sociology that have too much different tones and shades, and thus requires deep examination. This essay looks at in detail at a number of classical studies on the subject of conformity as well as it analyzes a particular

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    How and Why Do Glaciers Move?

    How and why do Glaciers move? Glaciers are large masses of ice that are continuously changing and may be perceived as an open system with inputs and outputs. They take up 10% of the world’s total land area and are usually found in Polar Regions like Antarctica and Greenland and places where there are high altitudes and low latitudes. Fresh falling snow is made up of tiny ice crystals and after it lands it changes into solid ice. Newly fallen snow is light and porous, but as the snow becomes

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    Explain Why Cohabitation Has Increased

    Explain why cohabitation has increased in the UK (20) Cohabitation is when two unmarried people in a romantic relationship live together, they may also have children. Cohabitation is profoundly reshaping family life, this is because of the sharp increased in the UK since the 1960s, this is for many different reasons some of these include; the change in society’s culture and morals, birth controls becoming available, the drop of number of people getting married. The increase in duel working relationships

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    P5 Explain How and Why Groups of Customers Are Targeted for Selected Products.

    4a – P5 Explain how and why groups of customers are targeted for selected products. Segment marketing is the where defining the businesses customers’ needs and wants by ordering them in particular groups that receive different care and different levels of marketing. Customers are segmented by a business can vary from business to business but generally include areas such as, sex, regional location, income, socioeconomic factors, or previous buying. Geographic - Geographic segmentation is an important

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    How to Run a Focus Group

    How to Run a Focus Group * What is a focus group? A focus group is a small and structured meeting of approximately 8 – 10 people. Discussion revolves around a set of pre-determined topics to give you a set of rich qualitative information. Although focus groups take a while to set up and require a budget to run, once done, they can prove an efficient way of getting detailed information on a subject. Expect a focus group to give you a range of views from your target audience, and to find out

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    Explain Why the Dreyfus Affair Polarised France

    that Alfred Dreyfus committed treason by selling military secrets to Germany caused a divide within the French community by pitting the Dreyfusards against the anti-Dreyfusards. It was essentially a campaign against the Jewish community in France and how they were disloyal to France and her people. It was eventually found that the evidence that Dreyfus was convicted on was false and was a ploy by the army to bolster its support for court-martialling Dreyfus. It was this point that caused much of the

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    Explain Why the Conservatives Lost the 1906 General Election

    Explain why the conservatives lost the 1906 General Election There are three main reasons the conservatives lost the 1906 General Election, one of the main reasons was the tariff reform. The Tariff Reform was a pressure group setup in 1903 to protest against unfair foreign imports to protect British industry from foreign competition. It was launched by Joseph Chamberlain; he wanted to reintroduce tariffs, with a lower level tariff for goods coming into Britain from the empire than for goods imported

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    Explain Why Bismarck Introduced the Anti-Socialist Laws

    Explain why the anti-socialist law was introduced in Germany in 1878 (12 marks) Bismarck introduced the anti-socialist laws due to a number of factors all stemming from his underlying fear of the threat of socialism and the pragmatic nature in which he found the opportunity to exploit socialism and introduce the new laws swaying the public opinion away from socialism. One reason why Bismarck introduced the anti-socialist laws in 1878 was due to socialism being a political and social threat

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    A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun

    A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries A Gun. Linda Hasselstrom is a peaceful woman but feels safer when she is carrying a pistol. When she travelled alone she found herself and many women nearby in some fearful and dangerous situations. She believes that getting a gun changes the balance of power and provides a measure of safety. So due some events in the past she has been convinced to own a pistol so her reasons for getting a gun is fear, vulnerability and her main reason

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    Explain Why Play Is Important to the Holistic Development of the Young Child. Explain How and Why Children’s Play Changes over the First Six Years of Life. Include Examples to Support Your Explanation.

    Explain why play is important to the holistic development of the young child. Explain how and why children’s play changes over the first six years of life. Include examples to support your explanation. To begin this essay, I have asked myself ‘what is play?’ The Oxford English Dictionary cites many definitions for the word ‘play’. One can watch a play, play truant, play up, play football, play cards or play an instrument. Child development theorists have published a great many works on play

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    Explain Why There Were Two Revolutions in Russia

    Explain why there were two revolutions in 1917? In Russia in 1917 there were two revolutions which took place. The first revolution was in February 1917 and the second in October 1917. There were many factors that led up to the first revolution as people were not satisfied with how the country was run. The people wanted to get rid of the Tsar and Tsarina and this had a large impact leading towards the first revolution. The second revolution took place because the Provisional Government (PG) was

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    Marketing Researc: How and Why

    Market Research: How and Why Market Research: How and Why Authors Mullins and Walker, Jr. define marketing research as the “design, collection, analysis, and reporting of research intended to gather data pertinent to a particular marketing challenge or situation” (p. 167). Marketing research is beneficial to any organization because without it, the organization makes decisions based on assumptions or guesses about market conditions and the needs and wants of potential buyers

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    Explain Why Managers Are Important to Organizations

    Explain why managers are important to organizations Why are managers important? * Organizations need their managerial skills and abilities more than ever in these uncertain, complex and chaotic times. * Managerial skills and abilities are critical in getting things done. * The quality of the employee/supervisor relationship is the most important variable in productivity and loyalty. Tell who managers are and where they work Who are manager? * Someone who coordinates and oversee

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    Explain Why Foreign Aid Is Sometimes Ineffective

    Explain why foreign aid is sometimes ineffective The international aid doctrine has been one of the main economic components in the foreign policy jigsaw since the end of the Second World War as it has been widely used according to the evolution of geopolitical matters and ‘development thinking’. According to the OECD, foreign aid usually takes the form of a grant or a loan made to a developing country by the ‘official sector’ of a donor country in order to ensure economic growth as well as stable

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    Explain How Urban Layout and Structure Affect Winds

    speed and reach high velocities. Usually buildings are part of a group and the disturbance to the airflow depends upon the height of the buildings and the spacing between them. If they are widely spaced, each building acts as an isolated block, but if they are closer, the wake of each building interferes with the airflow around the next structure and this produces a very complex pattern of airflow. Usually buildings are part of a group and the disturbance to the airflow depends upon the height of the

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    Explain How Shakespeare Presents the Characters of Romeo and Juliet

    Explain how Shakespeare presents the characters of Romeo and Juliet in Act 1 The famous love story by William Shakespeare depicts the romance between two youngsters who ignorantly fall in love without realising the danger their affections contain. Romeo, the only son of Montague, unknowingly falls for the beautiful Juliet, who is the only daughter of Capulet, his father’s arch enemy. It is truly love at first sight. When we first meet Romeo, he is presented as a character that is insanely

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    How and Why Is the Supernatural Used in:

    How and why is the supernatural used in: "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" By: Thomas Gray English 270 Romantic Gothic: Poetry and Short Fiction 6 March 2015 In the poem, "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" by Thomas Gray, the use of the supernatural serves as an underlying motif to focus the narrator and set the stage for the theme.  That being, the poor are born with the same natural abilities as members of the upper class and thus, should be memorialized

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    Define Functional Versus Dysfunctional Conflict in a Work Group and Explain How You Can Increase Functional Conflict and Decrease Dysfunctional Conflict.

    when there is some indifference among two parties. In any working group conflict is almost unavoidable. When most people hear the word conflict, they often tend to take the term in negative manner. Almost everyone perceives conflict to be a malefactor and that it often hinders the development process of any group. Although usually people think of it as a bad thing, conflict on the contrary can be a positive occurrence within a group to bring about change. Comprehensively conflict refers to a situation

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    Explain the Factors That Influence Which Groups Are Most Likely to Engage in Religious Practices.

    – adherence to Christianity increases with age. This show how an age group, in this argument being the elders, are most likely to engage in religious practices. Next, ethnic minorities are more likely to participate in religious practices, mainly because religion is one of the key ways that an ethnic group can understand who he is, among other reasons. Most surveys of religious self-identification show members of ethnic minority groups are more likely to relate to a religion than those of the

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    The Why What and How of Management Innovation

    GADE 3 Innovation Management Lecturer: Lopez, Urko The Why, What, and How of Management Innovation * Gary Hamel - Rodriguez Ugarte, Aitor 15th of February, 2015 INDEX INTRODUCTION 2 1. CONCEPT OF MANAGEMENT INNOVATION 3 2. WHY IS MANAGEMENT INNOVATION SO IMPORTANT NOWADAYS? 3 3. “DECONSTRUCT YOUR MANAGEMENT ORTHODOXIES” 4 4. SUMMARY OF THE ARTICLE 5 BIBLIOGRAFÍA 7 INTRODUCTION In this

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    Is There an Ideal Structure for All Organisations? Discuss and Explain Why or Why Not.

    specialising in speed and efficiency in the creation and transfer of knowledge” (Kogut and Zander, 1996). In March of this year Rhys Andrews of Cardiff University in the UK, published a journal on the importance of “social capital” of organisations as well how this affects the organisation’s structure. This research focused on the organisation being managed in a way that provided opportunities to develop the relationships of the organisation’s human capital to harness the positive effects of these workplace

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    Explain How and Why the Actions of the Executive and/or Judicial Branches Have Personally Affected Your Life.

    Electoral College process Institutional affiliation Date How the Electoral College works The Electoral College is a process which was put in place in order to allow a nationwide system of fairness after selecting leaders. For instance, this process works with the fact that the results of the popular vote are not guaranteed to stand as the presidential election is usually decided by this system. Under this process, if you cast your vote for the president, you also vote for an often un-named

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    Can the Media Influence Politics? If so, How? If Not, Why Not?

    centralisation of news sources, the influence of the media has only grown. Since the 1970s, scholars have discussed the way in which the media has influenced politics and politicians. In The Agenda Setting Function of the Mass Media, McCombs and Shaw outlined how the media can take steps to determine which news would be published and which would be prioritised. Since then there has been a number of studies into media influence in the political sphere, whether that amounts to indirect forming of debate, or outright

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    Explain Why Many Cold Environments Are Fragile and How They Can Be Cared for the Ensure Sustainability (15 Marks)

    Explain why many cold environments are fragile and how they can be cared for the ensure sustainability (15 marks) A fragile environment is an environment that is very susceptible to change at the slightest alteration in conditions. The changes can often lead to the environments endangerment or destruction. Cold environments are very fragile because they are so susceptible to changes. Slight fluctuations in average sea or air temperature can cause a large amount of melting to ice caps and glaciers

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    Using Examples, Explain How It Can Damage the Environment

    Task 1: Write down at least 4 human activates 2: Using examples, explain how it can damage the environment Human activates 1: Littering Littering can have effect the environment we live in. By humans littering such as throwing rubbish (crisp packets, tissues) on the floor can damage our environment. Example throwing things on the floor can get washed or blown away in to the sea which can kill sea animals. Littering can also start fires; attract rats which carry bacteria’s, which can spread

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    Referring to a Stretch of Coast You Have Studied, Explain How and Why Some Coasts Are Under Threat from Economic Development (10 Marks)

    Referring to a stretch of coast you have studied, explain how and why some coasts are under threat from economic development (10 Marks) Some coasts such as Southampton could be considered under threat from economic development due to the fact it is extremely reliant on nearby industries, but has an extent biodiverse environment. Southampton is known to have advantages for industry as it is sheltered from storms in the English Channel, deep water for large ships and lots of flat land for development

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    Describe What Organisations Are and Why They Exist. Explain How They Tend to Change over Time.

    Title: Describe what organisations are and why they exist. Explain how they tend to change over time. An Organisation can be defined as the following: “An organisation is a clearly bounded group of people who pursue separate co-ordinated and formally structured activities which together contribute to a common goal” There are several main components to an organisation; these include clear boundaries, enabling the organisation to identify who belongs to a particular organisation; stable structured

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    Explain Why There Was No Successor to Lenin

    Explain why there was no successor to Lenin in 1924? (12 marks) Lenin's concerns over who was to replace him were largely due to ego, he thought that noone was capable of seeing Russia's problems, or the "correct" Marxist solution as clearly as he could. Lenin's ego was the main reason why no one candidate emerged whilst he was alive. He was concerned about all the the prospective candidates, seeing such flaws in their characters that he thought none of them were suitable for the position. He

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    How to Explain Learning to Someone Else

    I would explain to someone that learning is much more unique and different than what we had expected it to be. I would remind them that learning is a way for us to have a better understanding of our society while it expands. It is the things that motivate us give, us purpose and meaning to move forward to our goals and achieve them. This gives a chance to push ourselves over limits and to thrive to reach goals. My views of learning have changed because of this class only because I had no idea there

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    P5 Everything

    P5. Explain how and why groups of customers are targeted for selected products. In this unit, I’m going to explain how and why groups of customers are targeted for selected products. The main reason why organisations target a particular group of customers is to make profit, but there are a lot of other reasons why organisations choose to target customers. I’m going to describe Nike targeted customers and I’m also going to explain why and how they target customers. Nike is a very big

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    Explain How and Why Person Centred Values Must Influence All Aspects of Health and Social Care Work.

    1.1 Explain how and why person centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care work. Person centred values influence all aspects of health and social care work, for the reason that by law requirements in regards to the Human Rights Act 1998, Health and Social Care Act 2012, along with Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers, health and social care should be based on person centred values. In the interest of individuals who are receiving care, it enables them to be treated with

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    Explain Why the Hispanic Vote Is Becoming More Important in Us Elections

    Explain why the Hispanic vote is becoming more important in US elections (10 marks) Hispanics are a growing group in the USA in terms of politics, this can be seen through demographics, according to the 2000 census, they did form 12% of the population, but by the 2010 census this figure has increased over 16% (51 million people) this was due to immigration and birth rates, therefore over the years they have become more influential as they are now a larger proportion or the electorate. Furthermore

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    Explain the Relationship Between Discipline and Obedience from the Montessori Perspective. Explain How

    they like, this is a common idea amongst non Montessori teachers I have talked with. Maria Montessori said ‘A child who concentrates is immensely happy’ (Montessori, 1988 p249). Therefore when someone who is unfamiliar with how a Montessori nursery is structured they comment on how remarkable it is that a three or four year old child is concentrating on a talk for a longer period of time. Montessori observed children and through these observations found that the discipline and obideince to concentrate

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    P5 - Understand How Homeostatic Mechanisms Operate in the Maintenance of an Internal Environment

    P5- Explain the concept of homeostasis In this assignment, I will be explaining the concepts of homeostasis, and how homeostatic mechanisms operate in the maintenance of an internal environment. These consist of; heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature and lastly blood glucose level. Homeostasis Homeostasis is the mechanism in our bodies which regulates and maintains a stable and constant environment. Our bodies are always making adjustments to regulate normal body function; luckily these

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    Explain How Duffy Creates Tension

    Anisa Khatoon 6C1 How does Duffy present her ideas in ‘The Long Queen?’ The Long Queen is one of many poems from ‘feminine gospels’ written by Carol Ann Duffy. It portrays feminism and feminist beliefs giving female empowerment and a sense of female identity. The long queen is the first poem in the collection, which is quite significant because it can be considered as the most important poem due to it being the first one of the collection but also because the title itself. The queen is the

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    How Might Porter’s Diamond Explain Why Some Locations Produce Firms with Sustained Competitive Advantages in Some Industries More Than Others?

    How might Porter’s Diamond explain why some locations produce firms with sustained competitive advantages in some industries more than others? Answer with reference to examples from at least two different industrial sectors. Answer. Porter’s diamond model is a model that can help understand competitive position of location in global competition that suggest a inherent reason why some firm within location are more competitive that other on a global scale. The argument is that the local are provided

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    Describe and Explain How and Why the London Docklands Were in Need of Rebranding

    Describe and explain how and why the London Docklands were in need of rebranding Rebranding is “a change of image through the development of a marketing strategy.” The London Docklands needed rebranding because it in decline and couldn’t get out of the spiral of decay. This was occurring in the 1970s. A major reason why the Docklands were in decline was because of containerisation. This meant that the London Docks and the River Thames were not large enough for the sheer size of the new ships. As

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    How Can We Explain the Great Terror?

    History 2084 Russia in War and Revolution How Can We Explain the Great Terror? The Great Terror, the watershed between Marxist-Leninism and true Stalinism, is usually defined as the period of almost indiscriminate repression spanning from the Moscow show trials of 1936-37 to the end of Yezhovchina in 1939. During the Terror hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Russian persons were arrested, detained, deported and/or executed on the strength of orders filtered down from above, with Joseph

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